How Do You Choose What You Care About?

There are so many different political and social issues, fun hobbies, and personal passions to choose from in this world. How do you choose what you care about?


What drives you to pay attention to one issue over another or participate in an activity? How would your life be different if you chose something else? Who would you meet? What opportunities would cross your path? How would you spend your time?

I’ve always had a lot of different interests which made it difficult to come up with a single theme for this blog (which is an expression of my interest in writing). With this blog, I’d like to explore what people care about, why they care, what they’re trying to achieve, and whether their approach will get them to their goal.

For example, I listened to a podcast over the weekend from Reply All. You can check it out here: The reporter, Phia Bennin told the story about a 20 year old Serbian woman, Kris who was looking for an old computer game that was lost on the internet. The story in itself is very intriguing with an exciting pace, but what I found more interesting was the impact that Phia’s decision to care about this problem had on Kris.

In the beginning of the story you can hear how lonely and sad Kris feels. By the end of the story, you can hear pure joy and excitement in Kris’ voice. Phia decided to commit to a specific problem and it had a positive impact on a person on the other side of the world. I assume Phia committed to this problem because it would lead to a great story, which it did, but it did more than that too. There’s many different ways to meet your goals, why not find a path that benefits others along the way like Phia did.


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